South American conceptual artist Marta Minujín has just installed a towering new architectural installation in Germany known as The Parthenon of Books, a scaffold reproduction of the well-known Greek temple clad in a hundred,000 copies of banned books. The piece is currently on view in Kassel, Germany as part of a hundred-day artwork exhibition known as Documenta 14.

Minujín labored with students from Kassel college to identify 170 titles which have been historically banned globally by way of various establishments, after which sought assistance from the public to obtain donated copies. The books were then wrapped in a protective plastic coating to protect them from the elements while allowing site visitors to effortlessly pick out every identity.

An in advance version of The Parthenon of Books turned into first installed in 1983, referencing an occasion in Minujín’s native Argentina wherein books in which confiscated and locked up as part of an army junta. This new generation rests on a website wherein Nazis burned books by Jewish and Marxist writers in 1933 as a part of a huge campaign of censorship.

The Parthenon of Books could be on view thru mid-September.

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