London office Raw Edges designed a modular system of outdoor furniture, which can be used to create different recreation areas, combining three types of concrete chairs. The basis of the system is a simple cube-shaped chair with rounded outlines of the seat, a backrest and armrests, which is available in three different height variants. Of these, you can make a convention place for recreation, and a fantasy area that will be an excellent place for children’s games or meetings of teenagers.

“Working on the project, we tried to forget about traditional solutions, such as benches, and carefully watched what random elements of the urban environment people use for recreation and communication,” say the designers. – We saw how they sit on the curbs, ledges in the walls, stairs, partitions and so on. So it occurred to us to create a system of concrete modules. ” Armchairs of different heights make it possible to find a comfortable place for recreation of different categories of citizens: children and their parents, youth, elderly people and pets.

The project was implemented as part of the Greenwich Peninsula quarter regeneration program and the space around the O2 Arena. According to the plans of the developers, the chairs should last at least ten years.