During the last 3 years photographer, Jem Cresswell has photographed humpback whales at some point of their annual migration to Vava’u, Tonga, swimming with the amazing creatures within the full-size waters of the southern Pacific Ocean. Cresswell’s collection Giants captures the man or woman character of the awesome whales, every of which appears to pose especially for his underwater digital camera.

“I was, first of all, attracted to the whales’ gentle nature, sheer length and the sensation of insignificance in their presence,” said Cresswell. “over the past three years returning to Tonga, I have sought to capture intimate images of those complex and conscious animals, bringing the viewer into the world of those mystical giants.”

Similarly to being intrigued by means of the animals’ length, the Australian-primarily based artist is also inquisitive about their brains. In 2006, spindle cells, which had been the simplest notion to be present in human beings and superb apes, were additionally found to exist in the brains of humpback whales. those cells, which are tied to social company, empathy, and instinct, have been observed to be more than three instances as accepted in humpback whales than they have been in humans.

This feeling of humanness is one of the motives that Cresswell chooses to shoot his underwater topics in black and white. “the main attention of the task worries the whale’s sense of character and attention,” he defined to enormous. “To me, black and white avoids distraction and attracts the viewer at once to the situation. Black and white also has a sense of timelessness to it, which I experience represents how long those creatures were around for.”

Cresswell will preserve photographing humpback whales within the future, but at the existing, he’s taking a destroy to work on a brand new collection targeted on Australia’s high-quality Barrier Reef.