Russian artist Goga Tandashvili carves large-scale bas-relief works in interior spaces, adding details such as florals, tropical leaves, and perched peacocks to otherwise flat surfaces. The three-dimensional murals project from the wall with a life-like accuracy, with each bloom and sprout of plumage having the same shape and size as the object it imitates. Tandashvili uses a combination of hand building and carving techniques to create the nature-based sculptures, which act as fluid extensions of the wall itself.

In addition to his high relief sculptures, Tandashvili is also a prolific drawer and painter with an Impressionist-inspired style; his 2D work has a carefree fluidity that’s reminiscent of energetic brush lines and strokes you’d find in a sketchbook. This aesthetic makes its way into his bas-relief. Tandashvili draws on the walls with the same types of marks and then fills them in with the 3D material, giving his work a painterly feel.

Tandashvili shares his techniques with others and has hosted workshops that instruct participants on how to create their own bas-relief sculptures.


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