On display in the lobby of Google NYC is an interactive light display made from 5880 arcade buttons.

Each retro arcade button acts as a pixel that can be activated or altered with a single touch. The art installation uses AnyPixel.js, open source software from Google. Pulling from their hardware library, AnyPixel.js lets you turn random objects into giant, interactive displays.


“Anyone can fork the code and the schematics to create their own display at any scale,” according to theGoogle Creative Lab website.

The site says the software and hardware makes it easy to turn random objects like light switches and balloonsinto unique displays, with each pixel operating as an independent, interactive element.

For those into the nuts and bolts behind the art, “There are two parts of AnyPixel.js: the software and the hardware. The software is written in simple web code. All you need to know how to do is draw on an HTML canvas element. The hardware varies by your execution.”

The website also lets you play around with a few ideas before committing to the build.

There is really no better way to explain this awesome art installation than with visuals. Check out the photos and video below.