Molecularis: Reinventing the Flipbook


Palma-based independent publishers Flipboku announced the launch of a new crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter today, for their innovative and unique flip book “Molecularis”.

Molecularis is a one-of- a-kind flip book, beautifully presented, which features a series of engaging activities in one. Much more than just a flip book, it is also an animated colouring book, which can be used in a variety of exciting ways – you can color, re-draw and vary its content to produce an endless number of different results. Its high-quality paper allows you to use whichever colouring technique you prefer, such as pencils, markers, watercolours, graphite, brushes or technical pens. Besides, it contains not just two, but six different animated sequences, which can be triggered depending on the position of your thumb. To everyone but the person holding the book, the effect created is one of a sophisticated magic trick.

Flipboku is a flip book publishing project created by animator and designer Jossie Malis, best known for his award-winning animated series “Bendito Machine”, and music composer Julie Reier. Their mutual love of animation, design, and flip books, led them to embark upon this publishing adventure two years ago, after the success of their first flip book created for Bendito Machine. Their mission was to reinvent the flip book, and they combined that with brand new mechanics which are unique to Flipboku. Their mid-term aim is to be able to publish a series of flip books with these special characteristics, whilst maintaining the classic format which has been popular for over 150 years.

GIF_STEPS.gifWe wanted to reinvent this almost-forgotten art form by giving it an interactive element. We have a drawer full of ideas for different types of flip books using different mechanics and techniques and our goal is to continue developing them after Molecularis” — Flipboku

A special cutting technique is required to produce this 6-sequence flipbook and a large part of the production process has to be carried out by hand. This means that the manufacturing process is quite cost-intensive, which is why Flipboku is announcing their crowdfunding campaign, launched on Kickstarter, in order to fund the printing of this creative endeavor.

The team has a target of 40 days in which to achieve their publishing goal of €8000. Molecularis will be available in different combinations, and also as a bundle with “Blanko” – a freestyle animation flip book with blank pages for those inspired to animate on their own. Blankois a learning flip book which features the basic principles of animation, so even complete beginner can try their hand at this quirky art form. For this campaign Flipbokuhas partnered with leading British color-makers Winsor&Newton to offer a limited edition reward only available through Kickstarter – offering Molecularis as a special combination with a stunning 12-piece Watercolor Marker Set.


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