Amber Cowan  – a sculptor from York, Pennsylvania USA, specializing in the creation of figures from the glass. The works of Amber rather resemble large panels than sculptures: they are made in a rectangular or round shape, and they depict a variety of small elements.

“I first became interested in the glass when I was 7 or 8 years old when I found a set of pink elephants in my parents’ office. I always wanted to do glass and knew how to work with it. Being an adult, I worked with ceramics for a long time. But, when I started experiments with glass, I never returned to other environments.”

The material for the transformation of discarded products into exquisite dishes and sculptures of complex construction is assembled in a wide variety of places – warehouses of finished products of already inactive enterprises, flea markets or simply in landfills.
Recycled items are remelted, they are given a new shape, and they get a second chance at life.

The special emotional impact of their creations, Amber explains the energy contained in the individual and collective memories, in fact, they are original memory vessels.

“My works carry a lot of sentimental reflections of the past. My grandfather used to buy milk for my grandmother in glass bottles.”

Their mass production once suppressed the activities of handicraft manufacturers of products from pressed glass. Then these enterprises themselves fell into decay.

The works of Amber Cowen amaze with the details of the components.
The artist attended Tyler School of Art, Temple University for my MFA. Her unique works are included in the collections of museums of the United States, Britain, and China, are exhibited at collective and personal exhibitions.

New entries in the portfolio can be seen on the page of Cowan on Instagram.