Street artist Oakoak continues his clever street interventions, cracking visual jokes by combining urban architectural details with well-placed painted additions.

Oakoak’s eye for such juxtapositions might be explained, in part, by his former career in urban planning. His interventions often incorporate wildlife or pop culture icons, like a bullfrog’s bulging throat formed from a manhole, or the video game character Mario bounding out of a drain pipe. The French artist’s first show in Spain just opened on March 1 at Montana Gallery in Barcelona, and is up until April 21, 2018.

OakOak is a French carismatic artist who likes to play with urban elements. He has an eye and mind to the details most people ignore and inovates a scene with his intervention. Oakoak has brought to light some of the most thrylling street artworks even though usually tiny and hidden. He is based in Saint Etienne were he started working on the streets, he has a cat and he is inspired by comic cartoons. A true independent spirit that has managed to be famous through his simplicity!

You can also follow his work on Instagram and Facebook.