All of us carefully guard our private life – the most intimate and exciting, which in general can be a person’s. We hide the skeletons deeper into the closet, and our partners behind the closed door. And only a few are willing to take a chance and open it for a while, demonstrating to the world the most intimate.

Chilean designer Sebastian Errazuriz likes to walk on the edge of a razor. He veiledly told everyone about his preferences, creating in 2013 a scandalous series of shoes that convey the images of his former beloved.

It’s unlikely that these shoes can actually be worn, but, looking at these “echoes of former love,” you can clearly imagine what kind of relationship with this or that lady of the heart. This line of shoes is called “12 Shoes for 12 Lovers”.

Time after time, this designer does not get tired of surprising his fans, creating work on the brink of a foul. Born Sebastian Erzuriz in 1977 in Chile, but currently lives in New York. Many critics call him one of the most successful modern designers.