Moscow-based artist Katia Lyubavskaya shares her ongoing synth pop project on Ello with the following statement.

“The world of post-truth is not just a simulative copy of the real world, but a hyper-saturated version that seeks to surpass it.”

“This is about media and politics, where the facts have lost power and turned reality into fake, which is accepted as true. Let us imagine that the perception of the objective world exists by the same rules. While alteration of elements and scales is a lie, the image remains recognizable and gives a delusive sense of truth – the victory of emotions over facts. The reality here is physically distorted, almost surreal, filled with anxiety and frustration.”
“Synthetic hair – a material, that unites all objects, symbolizes the femininity, its strength and magic. The same way as the power of words is used to distort facts in media, I use the power of hair, archetype, lying deep in the subconscious, to manipulate the perception. This literally soft, anti-monumental material revives objects so you want to touch them. In the era of cyberspace subject of tangibility is more relevant than ever.”