A unique project of A House for Essex, introduced by British artist Grayson Perry. By order of the Living Architecture he created this colorful house that is intended to increase architectural awareness of the British and force them to appreciate interesting projects throughout the country. The implementation of the plan became possible thanks to the architects of the Studio FAT — Fashion Architecture Taste. House inspired by local traditions, images of roadside shrines, eccentric buildings and fairy tales. Small, beautiful and mysterious, it is built among the fields and trees and is intended for rental. The house can accommodate up to four people. It presents two bedrooms, split level living room and small kitchen. The decor of the residence can be observed a number of art works by Grayson Perry including beautiful tapestries, pots, decorative woodwork and mosaic floors. The first tenants were able to assess the project in June, and given the large number of applicants, the organizers selected guests by lottery.