The film crew of the film Terry Gilliam Was Accused Of Causing Damage To The Unique Monument In Portugal


There was information that the Portuguese authorities decided to investigate and verify information about the damage to one of the most famous and revered monuments of history. Presumably, the object was damaged during the filming of one of the films, directed by Terry Gilliam, who was previously part of a comic band called Monty Python from Britain.

At the moment, the main department dealing with issues of cultural heritage is engaged in the verification of a single message. It said that during the filming of this director’s film about Don Quixote, the monastery of the Order of Christ was damaged, in the masonry of which the chips were found, and the shingles were damaged. Even on the territory of the monastery, located in the city of Tomar and erected in the twelfth century, trees were uprooted.

This holy building was erected in 1190 and was used by the Knights Templar as a castle of the Order. The monastery was made a little later. Since 1983, this Portuguese monastery is included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Gilliam on his official page of the social network Facebook said that he considers all accusations groundless and even ignorant. According to him, the film crew was very cautious in carrying out the work in the shrine, as a result of which not one tree was cut down and no bricks were damaged.

With the trees figured out quickly enough. It turned out that a few earlier films on the territory of the monastery were shot, during which new trees were planted. After the shooting was completed, the representatives of the monastery were given permission to cut these new plantings. With damaged tiles and masonry, everything is somewhat more complicated – an investigation is under way.

The announcement of the completion of the filming of a new film by Terry Gilliam appeared recently on Facebook. Over this picture, the director worked for a very long time – 17 years and she was called “The Man Who Killed Don Quixote”. This film tells about a simple marketer, who happens to be in Spain in the seventeenth century, where he meets with Don Quixote. The main roles of the film were played by Adam Driver and Jonathan Price.