The Magic World Of Flying Airships By Luigi Prina


83-year-old Italian architect Luigi Prina creates incredible works of art – fantastic airships that fly in real. The architect’s studio is filled with miniature flying ships of all shapes and sizes, suspended from the ceiling by nylon strings.

The real magic begins when Luigi turns the propeller and allows the toy to fly around the room, making loops and circles.

Luigi was obsessed with creating such ships as much as he can remember. He began to build models of ships while still very young. When he was 16 years old, he won national competitions in aircraft design modeling. Judges were impressed by his skill level and so young age.

Luigi was about 50 years old when he created a boat that flew. The ceiling was painted with clouds, and when the first model took off and began to circle – it seemed. that the clouds move and everything happens not in the room but in the open space.

The architect created about 200 flying ships. All of them are unique and everyone is optimized for the flight. Thin paper and a cork tree are used when creating. A special engine that drives the propeller into motion is not.

There is an elastic band, which is made from a rubber tree, so it starts the whole process.