Someone will say that the most beautiful aquarium is when there are the most beautiful fish. But it’s not! The aquarium itself can be a real work of art. If, of course, it was invented by the English artist Kim Keever – the author of amazing aquariums-panoramas, in which even Goldfish would like to live.

Kim Keever – not a decorator or designer, but a real American artist, the author of dozens of paintings, a major specialist in the genre of landscape miniatures. Art historians note that his style goes back to the glorious traditions of American painting of the 19th century – the so-called Hudson Landscape School. Nevertheless, in his time, Kiver under the impression of the works of the famous photo artist Cindy Sherman turned to photography.

One day the artist was greeted by the happy idea of transferring his landscapes beyond the glass of an 800-liter reservoir of water – and his submarine dioramas appeared that deserve the title of the most beautiful aquarium in the world.

Kim Keever first builds a composition in a dry aquarium, simultaneously thinking through the location of light sources: underwater depends on them much more than in the air. Without multicolored lights and pigments, the artist would not be able to achieve such convexity and expressiveness of three-dimensional paintings. That is why his works – an amazing hybrid of painting and photography: while the colors slowly flow in the water, the artist must have time to take pictures of them, because otherwise the clouds will quietly sink to the bottom of the aquarium.

How does the fish relate to beautiful lights and pigments? They are on temporary leave and do not yet know what Kim Keeper’s talent has done with their apartment. I wonder if they will be satisfied with the new interior: all these mountains, grottoes, trees, and waterfalls? Most likely, the fish will keep silent.