The Most Unusual Museums to Have a Date at


When we imagine a museum, we draw in our imaginations a kind of boring place. But not all museums follow traditional rules. There are many unusual and sometimes even strange museums where you can have a good time with your soulmate.

Pasta Museum in Italy

If you found your love on a Ukrainian dating site, then visit Italy together. And here is another unusual gastronomic museum in Rome that crowds of tourists attend with pleasure. If you are interested in the centuries-old history of pasta, then you have to visit this museum. For fans of Italian food, this is a must-see!

The museum opened in 1993 with the help of a charitable organization. It presents not only pasta samples but also old tools with which pasta was processed and prepared, various documents, recipes, and archival records. There is even a special laboratory where experts track the evolution of pasta economically, culturally, and industrially. Visitors can sequentially walk through the history section of the museum where they will watch an animated video about the history of pasta, and then through the didactic and advertising sections.

Underwater Museum 

This museum in Mexico is located on the seabed in the National Marine Park in Cancun. This is one of the most unique and interesting museums in the world. The authorities conceived it to distract the attention of thousands of tourists from the coral reefs, which have already begun to ruin. At the bottom, 500 sculptures were installed, which were made of clay neutral to water. Over time, the sculptures themselves became home to corals and other marine life.

Museum of the History of Medicine

The Brussels Museum of the History of Medicine is a treasure trove for those interested in medicine with detailed anatomical models, antique medical instruments, and anatomy books from different parts of the world. The museum is full of wax models of people in various stages of health, from healthy to nearly dying of illness.

One of the most terrible sections is the Spitzner collection, which presents human bodies destroyed by sexually transmitted diseases in great detail. The Spitzner collection was originally displayed at fairs across Europe to show people the consequences of STDs. If you want to tickle your nerves and see what effect these diseases can have on the body, then go to Belgium.

Cat museum

The exhibition tells about cat breeds and their habits. There is a city of Kuching in Malaysia. Cats are full-fledged residents here. It is not surprising that a cat museum was created in this city. Moreover, it is located right in the administration building.

The exposition deservedly bears the title of a museum. Here you can find works of art (paintings, photographs, sculptures, porcelain) dedicated to cats from all over the world. In whatever field a cat is involved, you will find it here: in movies, in advertisements, in theater arts, in children’s books, in Malay proverbs, and many more.

Museums of living butterflies in Russia

Visitors of St. Petersburg have the opportunity to visit one of the most unusual museums in the world, where live tropical butterflies live! Everyone can go there and look at these beautiful insects, and, if desired, purchase them in living terrariums.

The collection of the museum contains about 50 different species of live butterflies, which are updated weekly. And they came to St. Petersburg from such remote corners of the world as Australia, Africa, or South and Central America. To make insects feel at home, the climate in the museum is also tropical – hot and humid.

If admiring beautiful, fluttering butterflies doesn’t seem interesting enough for you, then you can try no less unusual entertainment. You will be able to witness their birth! That is, to see how they turn into butterflies from pupae and how they make their first flight.

Dance Museum

There is also one of the unusual museums in the world in Stockholm dedicated to one of the most fascinating art forms – dance. Once in this museum, visitors can learn the history of the development of dance art from its origins to the present day.

It opened in 1953. The creator of the museum was the Swedish collector and aristocrat Rolf de Mare, who had previously carefully studied the dance culture of different nations through his numerous travels. He recorded some dances on videotape, including Russian ballet from the first third of the 20th century. In addition to videos, visitors to the museum can see a variety of dance costumes, newspaper articles, posters, non-fiction literature, as well as props and instruments that dancers used during the dance: masks, dolls, castanets, etc.

Museum of German currywurst sausages

The museum is located in Berlin. The Germans are very fond of currywurst sausages. The peculiarity of these sausages is in the uniqueness of the sauce with which they are served. This is the most popular fast food in Germany. An interactive exhibition, tasting, and quests await its visitors. And of course, you can learn the history of the development of the sausage industry there.




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