A young American named Chris became a popular hero of social networks, making an offer to his girlfriend in a very unusual way. He brought her to the Metropolitan Museum (MET) in New York, where he asked for her to marry him against the background of her own drawing, which was previously hung in the Picasso’s hall. But this romantic act caused irritation to the staff of the institution and some users.

On his page on the social network, Reddit Chris said that he led his girlfriend Maribeth to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. While they were walking into the hall of Pablo Picasso, the girl’s favorite artist, Chris’s brother and daughter-in-law hung the picture he had drawn there. She was shown a woman in a red dress, in front of whom a lover stood on her knee.

“After I was given a signal, I brought my girl to the drawing, and she immediately began to cry, realizing what was to happen. I knelt on the knee, and she nodded … “- wrote the groom.

The whole scene was photographed by cousin Maribeth, who was hiding among other visitors. However, after Chris got to his feet, a disgruntled guard came to the pair, demanded to remove the drawing and invited the “accomplices of the crime” to leave the building. However, on the way to the exit, the lovers managed to make some more quick shots.

About the fact that Maribeth will be in a red dress, Chris knew in advance, as the mother of the girl bought him a few weeks before and convinced her daughter to put on a new outfit for a date. The groom also wrote that he applied to several small museums for permission to implement his idea, but everywhere he was refused.

“So I just decided that I would do it in the largest museum that I can imagine, and I’d rather ask for forgiveness than for permission,” the young romantic added.

Painting by Pablo Picasso “The Dreamer” (1932), next to which a “romantic hooligan” made a proposal 

But, strangely enough, later he had to excuse not to the museum staff, but to some users who called the act “hooliganism.” “I do not think I did something” disrespectful “to space,” Chris wrote. – There is no physical evidence that I was there, we did not touch other pictures, and my drawing hung there for a minute. I am an artist myself, and my bride is a designer. What united us is creativity. ”

“I broke the rule to give my beloved woman a moment of happiness that we will remember for the rest of our lives,” the young man added. He admitted that a negative reaction on the part of some people was a surprise for him.

On the question of one of his followers, whether the wedding reception will be held in the art gallery, the groom replied that the couple preferred an old house.

It is not known whether the lover will henceforth be barred from entering the Metropolitan Museum, but his romantic act certainly deserves a stand in some kind of love museum.