Nature is afraid of symmetry, nature does not know the ideal geometric figures. But man can force nature to acquire these forms that are alien to her. A good example of this is the work of the Korean artist Lee Jae-Hyo, who creates ideal spheres from tree trunks.

Recently, more and more artists have started to appear who are trying to teach nature to live according to human laws. For example, give it a rigorous geometric shape, in reality, almost not found. As a confirmation of these words, one can mention the fruit and berry geometry from the Sakir Gokcebag or the geometric creativity of the Korean Lee Jae-Hyo.

Lee Jae-Hyo is a very popular contemporary artist. His work can be found in the largest galleries around the world. There are also personal exhibitions of this Korean.

But some of the works of Lee Jae-Hyo stand in the open air, and, far from settlements, in the middle of the forest. The fact is that this Korean artist seeks to return his sculptures to where he took the material for them.

And all because Lee Jae-Hyo uses tree trunks as a material. Moreover, he creates from them completely unexpected sculptures – ideal spheres. Such, looking at which is absolutely clear, from what and how they are made.

This work is insanely complicated and painstaking. To create one such sculpture, the author takes several weeks of labor. After all, we are not talking about a single massif of a tree, which needs to be given a spherical shape, but about individual trunks held together in a random order.