Ben Affleck to direct the creation of Chinatown

Actor and director Ben Affleck

Paramount provided Ben Affleck with an interesting directorial project. The director of Operation Argo will shoot a film about the creation of Roman Polansky’s cult neo-noir Chinatown. The fictional movie will be a screen version of Sam Wasson’s non-fiction film The Big Goodbye: Chinatown and the Last Years of Hollywood.

It is not yet known who in Affleck’s film will play Jack Nicholson and Faye Dunaway, who starred in Chinatown, as well as Polansky, but it is stated that these will be stars of the first magnitude. Affleck will also write and produce the film with Lorne Michaels, the Saturday Night Live screenwriter, who received the rights to the book.

The book tells not only about how one of the most famous films of the 70s was created (Oscar for the script and 10 more Academy Award nominations, high praise from critics, the status of a cult cinema) but also about Hollywood of that era in general.

Chinatown was released in 1974. The film follows Jake Gittes (Jack Nicholson), a Los Angeles detective who is hired by a wealthy woman (Faye Dunaway) in the hope of finding out who her husband was having an affair with. Getting down to business, Gittes falls into a cycle of scandals and corruption.

Actor, screenwriter, director

Ben Affleck to direct the creation of Chinatown
Ben Affleck. Good Will Hunting. 1997

Ben Affleck started his acting career at age 12. The first role was found by his mother. It was a TV show where Ben played a small role. This project was enough to inflame the child’s desire to continue the creative activity.

The beginning of his acting career consisted of some extras, which terribly upset the actor. The first serious work, which in fact became a ticket to the top of fame for, was his participation in the drama School Ties.

While studying at the University of Los Angeles, Ben got a small role in the popular TV series about the vampire slayer and made friends with M. McConaughey while working on another motion movie. The Berkeley Boys duo was spotted in 1995 by director C. Smith. Thanks to Smith, the duo began to appear in many more profitable films such as Dogma, Jersey Girl, Jay and Silent Bob.

Two years later, the guys decided to sit down to write the script for Good Will Hunting, based on a story that the teacher did not accept. Smith became a co-producer of the film. The rental proceeds exceeded the cost of filming more than 20 times, and a year later, the tape earned two Oscars and a Globe. Ben and Matt received an award for their participation in the development of cinematography.

Then a real rain of invitations to interesting projects began. Ben took part in the filming of Armageddon, Shakespeare in Love.

2001 brought Ben a role in the film Pearl Harbor, which gained worldwide fame in the early days of hire.

2006 gives Affleck a role in a biopic about the actor who played Superman and his mysterious death. For this role, Affleck received two prestigious awards and critical acclaim.

After 3 years, he gets a minor role in the thriller Smokin Aces. Then he decides to devote time to his own projects and developments, being both a director and an actor in his own films.

Ben’s outstanding work was the historical, political film Argo, which tells about the release of the US ambassadors who were taken prisoner in Tehran.


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