The filming of Mission: Impossible 7 is stopped due to the explosion

Tom Cruise. Mision: Imposible

Filming of the spy action movie Mission Impossible 7, which had been resumed earlier in England, was again stopped. This time, it’s not just another outbreak of coronavirus, but a dangerous incident on the set. During the stunt which, involved jumping off a high ramp on a motorcycle, the vehicle caught fire on landing, and a fuel explosion occurred. It took six weeks to prepare the stunt. And it became one of the most expensive ever filmed in England.

It was a huge challenge for the stunt coordinators and cost a fortune, not to mention weeks and weeks of construction. But when that very day came, everything went terribly wrong. The stuntman was to land on huge cardboard cushions. They had to soften the impact. And the motorcycle would safely crash to the ground a few meters away. Unfortunately, when the motorcycle crashed, the cardboard and the entire construction caught fire. The smoke was so strong that they even had to close the nearby airfield.

Recall that the filming of the new part of the franchise started in Italy at the beginning of this year but was postponed due to the pandemic, and the actor himself had to spend some time in quarantine. Now, these difficulties seem to be in the past. The producers are actively seeking the resumption of the film process. The filmmakers have already received permission from the government of England to make the film. In July, Tom Cruise held talks with the Minister of Culture of Norway, Abid Raja, about the possibility of filming the seventh part of the film Mission Impossible. Apparently, Raja, for his part, supported the request of the American actor, stating on Twitter that he hopes to return Tom Cruise and the film Mission: Impossible to Norway. Part of the conversation was published on the page of the Norwegian Internet channel VGTV, where the Minister of Culture either jokingly or seriously declares that he, like Cruz once, had to hang on the Preikestolen rock. It was with this scene that the previous part of the film ended. Then the hero of Cruise Ethan Hunt in the battle with Walker on the Preikestolen rock prevented the end of the world. The story may not be over in Norway yet.

The film is expected to release in November 2021.


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