Audiographa is a personal project of print, web and UX designer Eric Zverzhinsky, launched in 2016 with the goal of creating 260 computer-generated vector graphics that have become an attempt to visualize our perception of music.

Throughout the year, these audiovisual experiments, Zverzhinsky prepared a catalog of graphic images representing a wide range of musicians and music genres that were as diverse as possible: from the expressive minimalism of Steve Reich and the careless whisper of George Michael to the furious roar of Motörhead. In the Audiographa series, Zverzhinsky also sometimes refers to the internal synesthesia of closely related colors, which in turn were associated with those colors that were originally used for album covers of different performers.

Each algorithmic and graphical representation in the series is formed from the melody of the song, refrains, duration, and frequency of beats per minute. Album covers and other music-related graphics also capture the color and feel of each individual composition.

“Modern music is experiencing a Renaissance similar to that through which art passed through the twentieth century. Now technologies come to the place of simple accumulation of data with the purpose of their application in various spheres, “says Eric Zverzhinsky.