Pittsburgh Public Theater to Offer Increased Accessibility to Audiences


Pittsburgh Public Theater (PPT) has announced that the theatre will upgrade its support services  to include I-Caption and D-scriptive, real-time closed-captioning and audio description delivered via personal handheld devices. PPT is the first theatre outside of Broadway and Las Vegas to use this technology, which was developed by Sound Associates, Inc.

“The introduction of I-Caption and D-Scriptive services provides a welcome and much-needed enhancement to the theatregoing experience,” said artistic director Ted Pappas in a statement. “We’re excited to open our doors to new audiences who may not have had the opportunity to enjoy our productions before.”

The devices, which will become available during the company’s upcoming production of Twelfth Night (Jan. 26-Feb. 26), will be offered free of charge to patrons. Moving forward, the services will be made available at more than 50 percent of PPT’s performances. The theatre will also be updating its assisted listening devices, braille and large print playbills, and add an American Sign Language series to the season.

These accessibility initiatives have been made possible with support from the Allegheny Regional Asset District, the FISA Foundation, and the Pennsylvania Council for the Arts.