“Battlefield”, the theatre Bouffe Du Nord, Paris

The new work of Peter Brook and his collaborator Marie-hélène Estienne returns us to the theme that the legendary Director has already raised three decades ago. Then he adapted the Indian epic “Mahabharata” for the stage, with the support of the playwright Jean-Claude’s Career. Together they made the text available to the European audience and once again proved that in all parts of the world people think about the same: about love and about death. “Mahabharata” — an amazing performance. From naive fairy tales, he gradually grew to parables explaining the laws of the universe. Now the Quarry again helped the brook. This time, they adopted one, but very important, piece of great history. The one where the civil war ends, but the winner, being on the field of battle, still feeling defeated. Why? Four actors and one musician trying to understand the causes of the tragedy. And, of course, they’re talking not just about the war from the Indian epic, but in all human wars at once. This hour and a quarter in an empty space lies the endless horror of the destruction of other people. And I think the impossibility of this cycle to be interrupted.

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“Hamlet”, Barbican theatre, London

Alas, this play was just 12 weeks from August to October 2015. Now it is possible to return only the records but, believe me, a good plan. One of the main actors of his generation, Benedict Cumberbatch is trying to squeeze into the skin of the Central Shakespearean tragic hero. Hamlet Cumberbatch vulnerable, cruel and ironic at the same time. He rebels, like other Hamlets and going crazy. Did Cumberbatch new milestone of his work, having played a Danish Prince? Only time will tell.

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“Hamlet”, Royal Shakespeare theatre, Stratford-upon-Avon

In March 2016 premiere of the new reading of “hamlet”, the legendary Royal Shakespeare company. Director Simon Godwin. In the title role — a young actor It Assado. Godwin reinvents the tragedy at the same time modern and authentic way. After Peter brook he calls the “Shakespearean” stage of black artists. They are at the forefront of modernity — so much music, and costumes. But behind the painted fashionable outfit of hamlet we find African rhythms, references to folk tunes. Hot blood collides with the icy world. On the border clashes will inevitably cause a tragedy.

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“Brodsky/Baryshnikov”, New Riga theatre, Riga

Performance with Mikhail Baryshnikov in the lead role was a real theatrical shock: even those not particularly interested in the theater, in the fall of “migrated” in Riga. Everyone wanted to look at the “great silent”, which suddenly spoke in a verse of his close friend the poet Joseph Brodsky. Since the premiere of the play by Alvis Hermanis, who has once again confirmed its ability to hoax, has been in new York and in tel Aviv. In Russia, he apparently did not ever come — well, let’s wait for new shows in Riga. I must say that there Baryshnikova soon be seen not only in the production of Hermanis. For August is scheduled for the performances of Robert Wilson’s “a letter to the man,” in which he plays Vaslav Nijinsky.

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Betroffenheit, coproduction Electric Company Theatre, Jonathon young and Crystal Pete

This is one of the most difficult performances of the season. First impressions were a year ago at the home of the creators in Canada, and a month ago the play reached London, where he went to Sadler’s Wells theatre. Actor and playwright Jonathon young is the author of the play Betroffenheit. In her young explores the mechanisms of human behavior in the moment when he loses everything. At a time when his own life if it ceases to be a gift and becomes almost a curse. In 2009, during a fire killed daughter, nephew and niece of the young. The terrible events of seven years ago are the basis of Betroffenheit. For the statement come from choreographer crystal Pete, winner of the award of Lawrence Olivier for outstanding achievements in ballet. In the end, was born the striking power of the play, linking drama and dance, tragedy and, unexpectedly, a bitter Comedy. Of course, the idea is to transform a personal tragedy into a stage act is ambiguous. However, at the exit becomes clear, why all this: Betroffenheit, among other things, returns to art its social function. When there is nowhere else to look for answers and the pain is unbearable, only the art remains.

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Eclipsed, John Golden Theatre, New York

Recently on Broadway has died down the performance of the Director of Liesl Tommy on the play danaus Guriri about the civil war in West Africa in the early 2000s. In the center of the plot — a woman trapped in slavery. One of the leading roles in the production went to Lupita Nyong’o, winner of the award “Oscar” and one of the brightest young Actresses in Hollywood. For her, the issue raised by Gururaj (by the way, the actress and the playwright — close friends), important: Lupita grew up in Kenya and, of course, she is not care what happens to its people.

Под занавес сезона: 7 зарубежных премьер (фото 6)La Traviata, Rome Opera house, Rome

At the end of may, the premiere of “La Traviata” Giuseppe Verdi’s first work of Sofia Coppola as the Opera Director. Screenings lasted until the end of June (and in the winter of 2017, they say, production will drive to Valencia). The composition of an Opera star — in fact, Coppola in the project was invited Valentino Garavani, who wanted to work with her from the time of the painting “Marie-Antoinette”. Himself, Valentino made for performance costumes, and the space was engaged by Nathan Crowley. Directing Opera is becoming more popular, and the arrival of Coppola in the theater is once again confirmed.

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