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The Rose Art Museum has been collecting and exhibiting contemporary art at Brandeis University since 1961. Through its respected international collection, science exhibitions, and multidisciplinary academic and community programs, The Rose Art Museum affirms and promotes the values ​​of freedom of expression, global diversity, and social justice that are hallmarks of Brandeis University.

The Rose Art Museum is now a true showcase of contemporary art. Built 50 years ago as a ceramics exhibition hall, the Art Museum once again showcases its design. This easy renovation: a new sequence of entrances, railings, and basement, combined with new mechanical systems, changes the position of the museum for the next century.

The Rose Art A Museum is a renewed investment in a venue to showcase the university’s outstanding collection of fine art.

Rose Art Museum receives gifts for 60th anniversary

The Rose Museum of Art in Waltham recently received 86 pieces of art in honor of the museum’s 60th anniversary.  The works of art include ones by Francesco Clemente, Rene Cox, Jim Dine, Jenny Holzer, Wakamatsu Koichiro, Danny Lyon, Yoko Ono, Nam June Pike, Jenny Holzer, Tracy Moffatt, Pablo Picasso, Betye Saar, Dahn Vo, and Andy Warhol, and others.

Francesco Clemente

Many of the new works that make up the permanent collection of Rose expand existing collections by the same artists, while others expand and deepen the collection with new artists.

According to the director of the Art Museum, they are very pleased to receive these outstanding works of art, donated in honor of Rose’s 60th birthday. They significantly expand the permanent collection of the Rose Art Museum and confirm the importance of the Rose as a leading repository of contemporary art.

The Rose team is deeply grateful to the people who support and collaborate with the museum. They look forward to sharing this stellar work with visitors at upcoming exhibitions and programs.

In 1961, under the direction of director Sam Hunter, the Rose Art Museum began acquiring art directly from the studios of emerging artists such as Willem de Kooning, Jasper Johns, Ellsworth Kelly, Yayoi Kusama, Marisol, Robert Rauschenberg, and Andy Warhol.

In the six decades since the Art Museum was founded, its collection has grown to over 9,000 items, making Rose one of the leading collections of contemporary art in New England.

Brandeis University claims that Rose Art Museum and its collection are an integral part of school education. Brandeis graduates, along with the Art Museum friends from around the world, are now returning to The Rose Art Museum to celebrate its 60th birthday with new pieces of art.

Jonathan Novak, a Brandeis University alumnus, student of 1975, and a member of the museum’s board of trustees, donated Jim Dine’s diptych to the painting Harry Matthews Skiing Valcourt (1973). Novak, now a Southern California art dealer, said his gift was a way to thank The Rose Art Museum and celebrate its 60th birthday.

He added that he had started at Brandeis with a major in economics to become a lawyer, but his first year in art history 101 and a modern art course in his final year rekindled his passion for art. Brandeis’s curriculum and access to the extraordinary collections at Rose changed his life.

Sixteen students in 1973 and 1974 donated two works by Brandeis graduate James Montford Jr. to the museum. Two additional Montford works were donated by the Howard Jezierski Gallery and the other by a private donor.

Rose’s board member Gerald S. Feinberg and his wife Sandra, major collectors of contemporary art, have partnered with the Rose team to select 14 paintings, sculptures, photographs, and works on paper from their collection to expand The Rose Art Museum’s holdings.

Jenny Holzer’s 1989 red granite bench

Jenny Holzer’s 1989 red granite bench from her Survival series is the third piece in the Art Museum`s collection. A large drawing by Warhol, a sculpture by Saint-Clair Semin, works on paper by Tracy Moffat and Nam June Pike, as well as a collection of Bety Saar increase the collections of these artists.

Feinberg’s gift includes emerging artists such as Francisco Clemente, Rene Cox, Pepe Espaliu, Allen Ginsberg, Yoko Ono, and Wang Zinsong. Artist Tony Lewis, the winner of the 2017 Ruth Ann and Nathan Perlmutter Prize at the Rose Museum of Art, is now part of the museum’s permanent collection thanks to a gift from Brandeis alumnus Daniel Benel.

Pieces of Sky. Yoko Ono

Beth Marcus, another longtime sponsor and member of The Rose Art Museum`s advisory board, has chosen to donate a copper sculpture by Vietnamese artist Danh Vo to the museum, titled “We the People” (2011).

The artwork is one of 250 pieces cast from fragments of the Statue of Liberty. Waugh’s broken and scattered sculpture offers a personal critique of America’s ideals and alleged broken promises. Markus said that The Rose Art Museum was the perfect home for Danh Vo`s artwork “We the people”.

Danh Vo`s artwork “We the people”

It is a visually powerful work that speaks to the current moment of social justice. The Rose Art Museum has a long history of presenting contemporary art that solves pressing problems, and I am delighted that this work will continue this legacy.

For its 60th anniversary, the Rose Art Museum will celebrate this landmark event with exhibitions, special initiatives, community programs, and celebrations that will celebrate the museum’s heritage by championing contemporary and contemporary art with a vision of its future.






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