Abstract Wooden Sculptures From Jae Hyo Lee


Wood, stone, metal… The Korean artist Jae Hyo Lee is ready to transform any material into an object of art, without changing its essence. Keeping the texture of the material, it creates a mysterious art objects and interior elements. The most famous ambitious author has brought his abstract wood sculptures. Processed by special technology elements adopt the most different, unusual nature of the form. However, the artist himself sees the purpose of his work just in the unity of art and the world. The sculptures are difficult to spot unnecessary elements or fastening wooden parts nails – every creature looks quite natural.
“I show the natural beauty of wood without having to do something to change it. I like creating items, maintaining the individual characteristics of the tree. I put small pieces together to ultimately show the real power and energy of this natural material. That is why some of my works quite a lot of large objects”

installyaciya_dzhej-xe-li_wood_01 installyaciya_dzhej-xe-li_wood_02 installyaciya_dzhej-xe-li_wood_03 installyaciya_dzhej-xe-li_wood_04 installyaciya_dzhej-xe-li_wood_05 installyaciya_dzhej-xe-li_wood_06

Large installations If not really for showrooms. They are located in places where their beauty fits in seamlessly with the surrounding landscape. So the author emphasizes that his creation must be inseparable from the environment, from which is taken the materials and inspiration to create them. Huge balls perfect shape a little unusual look on the edge of the forest, but at the same time they do not cause disharmony. Soft flowing lines and soft colors bring these sculptures to the natural beauty of nature. Here are all the best of the two cultures – Eastern contemplative worship harmony and bold innovation of the West.
Another project Jay-Hyo Lee is associated with a less pliable material. The stone is very difficult to give a rounded and pleasing shape. This can only water. But the artist went the other way. Element, through which he controls the stone – air. Many hours of hard work, complex fixation systems that keep the construction in position, and the result exceeds all expectations! Stone tunnels of the correct form, and the ring literally hang in the air. A strange feeling arising at the sight of these compositions is enhanced by the fact that the author uses to works common stones of irregular shape, without any sanding or painting.

installyaciya_dzhej-xe-li_stone_01 installyaciya_dzhej-xe-li_stone_02 installyaciya_dzhej-xe-li_stone_03 installyaciya_dzhej-xe-li_stone_04 installyaciya_dzhej-xe-li_stone_05