Anish Kapoor – One Of The Most Influential Sculptors of Our Time


What does it mean to be an artist, to create art? If the artist bears responsibility, then what is this responsibility? What kind of? What should be the artist’s workshop? The British-Indian Anish Kapur gives his answer to these questions; Tells about the color, the role of sexuality in their work, about space inside out. The importance of cultural openness of the artist and tolerance. The fact that the world of aesthetics inevitably appears under the influence of science, but in the art of illusion is everything, and the truth is nothing. To create a new art, says Kapoor, you need to create a new space. The artist must have high ideals, and apart from space and time, an important criterion in creativity should be consciousness.

Anish Kapur is one of the most influential artists who changed the idea of ​​modern sculpture and the ways of its representation. In 1990, the sculptor represented Great Britain at the Venice Biennale, where he was awarded the “Premio Duemila” prize, and a year later became a laureate of the Turner Prize. In 2009, Anish Kapoor became the first living artist whose exhibition was held at the Royal Academy of Arts in London. Personal exhibitions Anish Kapoor took place in the largest museums and galleries of the world.