On 4th of November in various galleries In new York at the same time had opened 4 exhibitions of works by AI Weiwei. This is a great return of the artist-dissident, because during the 81 days he was detained by the Chinese government.

However, the artist is constantly added their work to Twitter and Instagram, it earned huge popularity in the social networks, although its exhibition was banned in China. Two exhibitions will be held in the gallery of Mary Boone (one in the center of the city on Fifth Avenue, and the other in Chelsea). The key focus Weiwei makes on the lives of refugees, and that is what he has worked for the past several years. The artist draws attention to this theme in a variety of environments, from LEGO to an ancient tree on the Wallpaper.


“I don’t think people care about that. I really don’t think that people want to help them,” — said AI Weiwei. “When you see thousands, even millions of refugees, the only conclusion that can be drawn is that very few people care about their lives. After all this is not happening in one place, this is not happening for one reason. It’s everywhere. They (refugees) have hope? Their children? It is a complete waste of a whole generation. I don’t think people think about it.”

“I feel people and feel their pain. I was overwhelmed with strong feelings when people are different attitude to the refugees and when nobody wants to help. It’s not fair, it is unfair, and as a man you should react to it.”

In the gallery Lisson cast-iron tree trunks weighing several tons is mounted on a background of black-and-white Wallpaper. Here the story of refugees is told through the Egyptian hieroglyphic inscriptions. Mary Boone continues the theme of the tree. Natural objects as if connected by a common thread in the artist. Basically he uses the trees that act as a spiritual motive. In Boone the work consists of dead pieces of different trees are merged together. Weiwei collected them in the mountains of southern China. The exhibition also hosted the self-portraits the artist made of Lego.


Perhaps the most spectacular is the exhibition, entitled “Laundry”, located in the gallery Deitch. In it you will see 2046 garments of the refugees who were expelled from the camp on the Greek-Macedonian border. Weiwei gathered all the details in his Studio in Berlin, where washed and ironed every thing. Clothes hung throughout the gallery space: in one corner of the assembled baby outfits, pants, leggings, sweaters, etc., while a hundred pairs of shoes located on the second floor of the building.