Boys- band BTS took part in Hans Ulrich Obrist’s project Do It

Boys- Band BTS

South Korean boys- band BTS is re-entering the art world. Earlier this year, the musicians launched the Connect BTS intercontinental art project with world art stars in collaboration with the Serpentine Gallery in London. The K-pop stars are now continuing to collaborate with the gallery, joining a large do it exposition project of its art director Hans Ulrich Obrist.

A large exposition project Do It has existed since 1993, and its new online version emerged during the quarantine.

It was in the early 90s: several artists came up with the idea to create an unusual exhibition that would not be limited either by time or place of action. After all, as it usually happens: the exhibition, no matter how innovative it is, is still to one degree or another subordinated, at least to the style and technical capabilities of the art center or exhibition hall. The main concept of Do It is as follows: a variety of artists create a kind of guide to action, in which they describe their idea and tips for its implementation. But it is not they who will embody this idea but the visitors to the exhibition. Moreover, each such idea can be implemented in dozens of different ways, because any person who takes up the interpretation of the work will add something of his own to it. Globally speaking, this can be seen as resistance to the unifying mass culture and the mainstream.

Artists from different countries will help visitors to feel like creators. And often, it will not only be about art with a brush in hand. Some guides are related to body plastic surgery, video editing. At the moment, the exhibition has already circled the entire globe.

The new version of the project, which Obrist has been working on since 1993, arose during quarantine and received the expanded name Do It. It invites everyone to create their own works of art at home. BTS has posted their instructions in both English and Korean. Their contributions can be found in a new section on the digital arts and culture platform, Google Arts and Culture, along with works by over 30 artists including Virgil Abloh, Suzanne Lacy, and Es Devlin.


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