Caravaggio and Bernini attending the Rijksmuseum’s Baroque in Rome exhibition

Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio. Boy bitten by a lizard. 1597-1598

Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam expands the exposition of Caravaggio – Bernini. Baroque in Rome until 13 September. Among the main exhibits are the famous paintings Narcissus by the Stream and Boy Bitten by a Lizard by Caravaggio, as well as the sculpture by Bernini A Faun Teased by Children.

The shock exhibition of the Rijksmuseum is extended until September. The impressive project is dedicated to the Baroque style and the painter and sculptor who embodied it – Caravaggio and Bernini.

Caravaggio – Bernini. Baroque in Rome is an exhibition of over 70 masterpieces by Caravaggio, Bernini, and their contemporaries. The paintings and sculptures are provided to the Rijksmuseum from museums and private collections around the world. The exhibition includes works by Annibale Carracci, Guido Reni, as well as the mannerist Tanzio da Varallo, who preceded the Baroque, and Nicolas Poussin, who closed the theme. The works tell the story of Rome’s immense artistic impulse and radical innovation in art.

Safety remains the Rijksmuseum’s top priority. A number of measures have been taken to ensure that visiting the museum is as safe and enjoyable as possible. The Rijksmuseum operates a scheduled entry ticket system where visitors can select a date and preferred time slot when booking tickets on the museum’s website.

Caravaggio and Bernini attending the Rijksmuseum's Baroque in Rome exhibition

Baroque art seems like a joyous Italian counterpart to the low-key and sober 16th-century Protestant culture in the Netherlands. Roman Baroque brought a profound transformation of art that was felt throughout Roman Catholic Europe. The initiators were the painter Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio, known as Le Caravage (1610-1598), and the sculptor Gian Lorenzo Bernini, known as Le Bernin (1680-1600). Many other artistic talents have gathered around these two geniuses. Rome became an international center full of new ideas and artistic initiatives.


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