Christian Dior’s childhood exhibition opens in Granville

Christian Dior

In Europe, after a long quarantine, the first museums and galleries open. So, on July 1, in Granville in Normandy, the exhibition “Christian Dior, Couturier’s Route” began its work, which will help to understand how the couturier was inspired, what surrounded him in childhood and in what atmosphere he grew up.

The exhibition shows 100 images and accessories of haute couture, as well as photos, archival documents, and personal belongings of the designer. The Christian Dior exhibition, itinéraire d’un couturier, talks about the life of Dior, his most famous collections, and how he managed to bring lightness and femininity into fashion in the post-war era.

Much attention is paid to the garden – a place where young Dior spent a lot of time, which will later be reflected in his love of floral prints.

Christian Dior's childhood exhibition opens in Granville
Christian Dior in his own garden

Documents and family photos show the gentle relationship between Dior and his mother, Madeleine. This influenced how thinly sensitive and emotional the person he grew up.

At the end of the exhibition, the audience enters the atmosphere of Dior’s workshop, where you can imagine how the last few minutes before the show went.

Christian Dior was a passionate art and museum lover. Christiana Dior is a fashion designer who managed to combine fashion with various types of creativity, creating his own unique style. Prior to fashion, Christian Dior, along with friends Jacques Bonjac and  Pierre Colle, held an art gallery, from 1928 to 1934. The Dior and Bonjac gallery was not the largest in the capital, but it brought them profit because it hosted exhibitions of artists such as Henri Matisse, Raul Dufy, Andre Derain, as well as an exhibition of works by Pablo Picasso made in the style of cubism.

Christian Dior was a lover of antiques. He was also fond of 18th-century interior items and garden design. All these sources of inspiration helped him decorate his private homes and defined the aesthetics of his fashion house and design.


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