Exhibition of sculptures by Hans van de Bovenkamp was opened in New York


Louis K. Meisel Gallery presents a unique exhibition of abstract sculptures by Hans van de Bovenkamp. The exhibition is held in an open format, but with the observance of social distance – the audience will be led to the sculptures of Bovencamp, installed in different public spaces.

The exhibition tour will cover dozens of works by the famous American sculptor, famous for his monumental abstract constructions. His bronze and steel sculptures are often inspired by myths, symbols, and images from nature. Each sculpture is a mystery that trains the imagination and imagination of the viewer.

Hans van de Bovenkamp was born in the Netherlands in 1938. Twenty years later, the young artist immigrated to the United States, where he began to pave his way into the world of contemporary art. During his life, he earned several prestigious awards for sculpture, and his monumental works adorn a number of American universities and cities.


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