The Taipei Cultural Center and Taiwan Academy proudly present Shifting Momentum, a world-premiere exhibition curated by Bor-Jou Kuo and Chung-Fan Chang that features abstract paintings and mixed media works by twelve mid-career and established Taiwanese artists. The show, marked the first survey of abstract art exhibition will be on view from March 8th through 30th, 2018. An opening reception will be held on Thursday, March 8, 2018 at 6:30pm jointly with a gallery talk. The curators and most of the artists will be present.

Sponsored by the Ministry of Culture, R.O.C. (Taiwan), Shifting Momentum is organized by Taipei National University of Education in Taipei, Taiwan; Stockton University in Galloway, New Jersey; and the Taipei Cultural Center, New York. The exhibition will feature fifteen works from eight Taiwan based artists Ming-Xi Chang, Yu-Ju Chen, Bor-Jou Kuo, Shiou-Ping Liao, Wei-Min Lin, Yung-Jen Liu, Rock Chin-Yuan Shen and Wen-Yueh Tao, along with four United State based Taiwanese artists Chung-Fan Chang, Su-Li Hung, Shiao-Ping Wang and Chi-Hung Yang. The exhibition will jointly present works of American artists Lucy Glick and Robert Motherwell from the permanent collection of the Noyes Museum of Art of Stockton University.

Chi-hung Yang, Fly Upward,

Shifting Momentum presents the development of the constantly changing abstract art in the Taiwanese art world, from the eighties to today. The works in this exhibition spanned a wide range of techniques, styles, and intentions, which has been the kind of self-analysis that required a balance between the rational and the intuited to bond artists in this frequently shifting art domain. Influenced by the Western modernism, artists address Eastern cultural, philosophy and traditions in subjects like ch’i (energy flow), ink calligraphy, Han Dynasty tomb bricks and traditional window frames that often have people’s wishes and blessings engraved onto. Artists reflect the liberal and slowly opened state of Taiwanese society after the lifting of 38 years of martial law (1949-1987) in juxtaposition to the now digitized hyper accelerated life.

In conjunction with Asia Week New York, Shifting Momentum aims to celebrate Asian Art as well as to feature women artists. We encourage viewers to have a physical, often prolonged, encounter in front of each work that is culturally rooted in the East. Through close examinations of these techniques and expressions that one may gradually discover a range of interpretation of the self and the core of existence.

Exhibition Information

Dates: March 8–30, 2018
Venue: Taiwan Academy in New York (1 East 42nd Street, New York, NY 10017)
Gallery Hours: Monday–Friday 9:30am–5:30pm