New paintings by artist Katherine Fraser. Taking inspiration from fables, “Far From The Tree” explores what it means to control your own own destiny. See more images below or on display at Paradigm Gallery in Philadelphia starting tomorrow and running until April 21.

Katherine Fraser lives in Philadelphia, PA. Her work has been featured in a number of exhibitions around the country. She says: “Life often strikes me as a string of moments, like a series of film stills, in which we observe ourselves. I paint people experiencing these moments of profound self-awareness and growth; when the rest of the world drops away and we are left bare. My paintings have the visceral quality of memories or dreams, when the image is reduced to the essential, and the mood is what draws your focus, not the specific details. My subject matter comes from my own memories and experiences that feel in some way universal. I have found that certain kinds of settings tend to lead people inward, and to me the rural landscape is a nursery for the soul. My memories of growing up in Maine are a great source of inspiration. Though my subjects usually stand alone, I am less interested in loneliness than in the way being alone makes us feel most alive and connected to our true nature.” 

Works in oil paint, and creates large-scale realistic pictures of people telling a story. Usually draws single figures, and thinks of them as a movie, frozen moments of awareness. While it comes from the tradition of painting, which draws what you see in front of you, it is not interested in recreating life; She is interested in creating feelings. She considers herself to be more of a narrator than a documentary. Does not use live models. He starts the pictures to a great extent with feelings of emotion that he wants to express, and then the narrative grows around him.

Thomas Mann said, “A writer is someone for whom writing is harder than it is for most people.” If you take your art seriously, it is an incredible struggle. My best advice about making a life in art is to be clear about it being the number one priority and to make compromises accordingly. Live simply, keep your expenses low, and make choices that suit your needs rather than what society, friends or family might expect from you. Don’t have a plan B and don’t give up!


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