Flying In The Air Installations By Bahk Seon-Ghi From The Wood Coal


Fly somewhere and flutter in the sky can be without wings, for this it is necessary to simply rely on the urge of the heart and do something beautiful. Sometimes this beautiful arises out of the most ordinary things like charcoal. The talented and very creative sculptor Bahk Seon-Ghi from South Korea was able to clothe ordinary coal in incredibly beautiful forms of inanimate and living nature. It was a special way for a master to mock those who are afraid to break habitual habitat and change their lives.

Small and large figures that are floating in the air, original staircases and even installations of true palaces with columns are offered to you by Bahk Seon-Ghi, whom some people call a true magician. In order to create a masterpiece, this master does not need much, only transparent nylon threads and ordinary charcoal will be useful, well, and of course a talent.

It is difficult to find an answer to the question why Bahk Seon-Ghi chose coal for the installation of his own large-scale project. One can only assume that the sculptor felt a real organic connection between coals and nature, its flowers, rain drops, trees, etc.

The texture of charcoal is both fragile and rough, which allowed the sculptor to play on this and create an indescribable beauty image of interior and furniture.