British artist Michelle McKinney creates her amazing creations from metal; Copper, brass and hand-made steel mesh. It is incredibly airy, light, elegant works, where the fragility of nature and its realistic forms (butterflies, leaves, flowers, seeds …) harmoniously combines with the strength of the metal.

Michelle McKinney graduated in 1998 from the University of Central England in the specialty; Design of jewelry. At first she worked as a jeweler, but then she was seriously involved in creating amazing metal works. To do this, she uses innovative methods, fine metal processing and has been able to achieve such high craftsmanship that even with the closest examination of sculptures, it is difficult to understand from what and how they are made.

In fact, all the author’s works are made of a thin metal mesh, which is painted in fanciful halftones of a metal range of colors. And so everything is so translucent and easy, frozen in motion.

Incredible, light, elegant works of Michelle McKinney are demonstrated at exhibitions in major museums in England and at solo exhibitions of the artist.