Amazing beauty Setareh Hosseini tried on the images of the 12 signs of the Zodiac. And she chose a very unusual way, as a canvas using his perfect face.
It turned out fascinating, sexy and bright! You wouldn’t cease to admire the beauty of the Oriental beauty.



The fiery and fiercely passionate, she’s protected by armor, and its horns are always focused on the fight. She takes responsibility and is always in motion. In gluttony manifests fearlessness and leadership, but exposed her pure, childlike soul unspoiled.



Stubborn, uncompromising and strong-willed. Fiery temper breaks out, if pushed too far. She loves anything that will arouse feelings in her. And maintains internal peace and stability. But it is a force that always must be considered.



Her character is contradictory, taking that logic, that’s absurd. It is the combination of high intelligence, wit and eloquence. As a mirror reflects our best and worst and shows what we don’t know about yourself.


She tide, the gentle glow of the moon, the coastal waves. She feels deeply, but he does not like to show it. Reliable shell it protects gentle soul. But it is necessary to touch her — she’s more real than anything you have ever felt.



You immediately notice her in the crowd because of her loud laughter, bright smiles, and confident. Her hair is a mane of gold, her skin glows in the sunset. She’s the alpha, a lion, a leader and a warrior. She may seem soft, but inside is always a fire burning.



She represents purity and innocence and justice. Her earth nature makes her extremely intelligent and insightful. Methodical, meticulous, and wise. And always strives to bring order to the chaos.



Her charisma is amazing, the voice is melodic, heart just. To truly understand it, you need to understand the mystery of Libra — eternal balance between thoughts and emotions. It is a flower with hidden thorns, but without it life would not be fair.


This piercing look… hypnotic eyes dark and calculating. It is filled with power, passion and intuition. It combines equally heaven and hell. Nevertheless, it is divine, and in her eyes — your soul.


She is a restless wanderer, always hunting for new ideas. Highly spiritual, a great conversationalist and a wonderful storyteller. It’s a natural showman. Her arrow is a symbol of aspiration to the Supreme goal.



Her determination and independence are amazing. Pragmatic in everything, she often reflects on the mysteries of life. She is ambitious and responsible. Any vertex is not high enough for her and her love — a symbol of stability.


She’s like a mad scientist in the lab day and night working on inventions. Her rapid thoughts and subsequent actions unexpected. Anarchy is her Forte. She frighteningly dazzling and lives in the future.


Weightless and deeply mysterious. It is full of suffering. Beautiful, charming, but it’s so hard to understand. Her soul torn by the dual and opposing currents. Her heart is an ocean of emotions.

And here is Setareh