Human Form Under The Sights Of Different Artists On ARC Salon 2017


Rehs Contemporary is pleased to present ARC Salon 2017: Contemporary Figures, an exhibition focusing on the stylistic variations of representing the human form in contemporary art. The subject of the human form and its depiction is a perennial theme, historically speaking… but are representational treatments of the figure still meaningful? Perhaps, it is the only form that retains its significance.

More than 25 paintings and drawings in all, will be on display by a group that includes: Emanuele Dascanio, Daniel Gerhartz, Vanessa Lemen, Sergio Lopez, Tim Rees, and Marc Scheff.

Vanessa Lemen
Fiery Mind, 2017

Contemporary Figures aims to highlight just a fragment of the expansive genre while showcasing works that demonstrate immense talent and creativity. From the painstakingly precise, and near photographic charcoal and graphite renderings by Emanuele Dascanio, to the mesmerizing mixed media resin blocks by Marc Scheff, the exhibition displays a range of approaches and techniques in service of the figure. Daniel Gerhartz keeps his attention on the female form, with a strong foundation in the work of nineteenth-century masters, most notably French and American Impressionist painters ranging from John Singer Sargent to Alphonse Mucha.

Marc Scheff
Wolf Dream 12, 2017
Daniel Gerhartz
Remembering, 2017

Similarly, Sergio Lopez highlights the female form but takes the subject in a vastly different direction – influenced by the Golden Age Illustrators and graffiti writers. Tim Rees stresses compositional beauty, preferring to allow the composition to tell the story – the work is all about technique and using a thoughtful and logical approach to producing an idea. On the other hand, Vanessa Lemen credits her inspiration to moments of personal adversity and resilience – a concept that is further embodied by her organic process and the work itself, seemingly chaotic yet peaceful and elegant.

Tim Rees
Dust and Drums; Dance of the Fulani, 2017

Each artist reveals not only a personal vision of the human figure but a commentary on what he or she believes is important in our current environment – what is meaningful and what is significant. The exhibition opens on Saturday, October 28th from 2-8 PM at Rehs Contemporary Galleries, 5 East 57th Street 8th Floor, and will remain on view through November 17th, 2017.


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