Impressive And Organic Sculptures With Matchsticks


Colorado-born twin brothers Ryan and Trevor Oakes collaborate on all kinds of artwork and exhibitions, from cardboard installations to acrylic paintings. They have found an interesting way to use matchsticks. By gluing layer upon layer together in symmetrical forms, they transform mundane objects into impressive, organic sculptures. They made enigmatic shell-like structures from thousands of matchsticks. Within their work they try to present a sense of continuous repetitions that occur around us. The Oakes describe the shapes created from the matchsticks as a reflection of naturally developing forms. ”Forms that occur naturally predicated upon simple rules, or building codes; in this case placing one matchstick next to another and allowing the fact that as the head is a slightly different width than the stick, a form will occur naturally.”

Ryan and Trevor Oakes - beautiful sculptureRyan and Trevor Oakes - matchstick bowlRyan and Trevor Oakes - matchsticksRyan and Trevor Oakes - matschstick designRyan and Trevor Oakes - sculpture