In anticipation of the twentieth anniversary of its founding, Pavel Zoubok Gallery has announced that it will soon join forces with George Adams Gallery by relocating to a shared space on the first floor of Pavel Zoubok’s current location at 531 West 26th Street and adopting a “more flexible, collegial and intimate” gallery model.

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“In bringing together our two distinct but congenial sensibilities, and our respective expertise, George and I look forward to redefining the role of the gallery as a dynamic venue for the presentation of contemporary and historical works of art,” Pavel Zoubok said in a statement.

The two galleries will continue to work independently, but also in partnership, to acquire works and organize exhibitions as well as to launch a new series of monthly salon evenings that will feature artists, writers, and curators.

Established in 1997, Paul Zoubok Gallery began as a parttime public gallery located in a loft in SoHo before it moved to Madison Avenue and then settled into its current home in Chelsea. George Adams Gallery grew from the Frumkin/Adams Gallery which was founded in 1988. After Adams’s partner, Allan Frumkin, retired in 1995 it was renamed.