In the Xavier Hufkens Gallery Was Presented the Exhibition By Sherrie Levine


Xavier Hufkens Gallery in Brussels now represents Sherrie Levine, the pics era artist whose vital images, sculptures, and installations meditate on the nature of authorship in a world of pix. She will be able to now be a part of a roster that consists of David Altmejd, Robert Mapplethorpe, Josh Smith, Danh Vo, and Cathy Wilkes.

Levine was certainly one of five artists included Douglas Crimp’s 1977 “images” show at Artists area. That exhibition released a whole organization of artists who began to rely closely on appropriated photos, so as to question whether or not originality mattered in a time of mass photograph manufacturing. Because then, Levine’s paintings have taken the shape of monochromes whose hues are derived from artwork by way of Renoir and photographs of reproductions of pictures by way of Walker Evans.

Over the past few years, following a 2011 Whitney Museum retrospective, Levine’s market has grown significantly. In 2015, Levine left the big apple’s Paula Cooper Gallery, which had represented her for 17 years, and joined the roster of David Zwirner gallery.