In Venetian Palazzo Grassi on April 9 opened a major exhibition of Damien Hirst, one of the most expensive and controversial artists of the world. In Venice, Hurst showed the project Treasure from the wreck Incredible – spectacular surreal tale.


This is the first big project of the artist over the last ten years – his last project he did in 2008, it was a sculpture Anatomy of an angel, who is now in Oslo. As always with Damien Hirst, his new project less like just an exhibition – it is a myth with its own plot and conflicts. According to legend, invented by the artist in 2008 off the coast of Africa, was found sunken ship is Incredible. It belonged to freed slave from Turkey and its divers found a lot of treasures of modern art: sculptures of sea monsters, decorated with corals, unicorns, turtles, a goddess with the face of Kate moss, statue of Mickey mouse, a mummy Pharaoh is very similar to Farrel Williams. About how these treasures were pulled out from the bottom of the sea, Hurst lifted the whole movie, which can be seen at the exhibition at the Palazzo Grassi.

Treasure from the wreck Incredible – one of the most expensive exhibitions of Hirst, for its creation the artist has spent several million dollars. Now these items are sold – prices range from $ 500 thousand to five million for a single art object. The exhibition shows about 200 works – and despite the fact that they look eccentric, the curators say, that is a kind of tribute Hirst classic Greek and Roman sculpture. The exhibition will run in Venice until the 3 of December.