The Lévy Gorvy Gallery in New York opened the exhibition of American artist Pat Steir “Drawings of waterfalls on paper”. The exhibition includes several rare works on water subjects. Painting and graphics on paper occupy an important place in Steir’s work, but unlike her paintings, she very rarely exhibits such works publicly.

The artist was inspired by traditional Chinese painting, based on the principles of contemplation and spiritual practices. For Steir art is a kind of meditation, the results of which she transfers to the paper. The artist threw paint and tempera on paper so that they repeat the wild reliefs of the mountains and water streams.

Steir’s greatest fame was brought by large-scale abstract paintings and graffiti. The artist belongs to the new minimalism, although her work is more versatile and goes beyond the boundaries of a single stream. Steir’s paintings have appeared in major American and European museums, including the Metropolitan and Tate Galleries.



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