The contemporary artist Oliver Vernon works in an individual abstract style, and his work is an excellent example of how interesting and intriguing abstract art can be. In his paintings there are many interconnected details, hidden meaning, and symbolism – a sort of puzzle that is to be solved or, on the contrary, to leave everything as it is, without going into the essence, just to look, enjoying confused and partly incomprehensible plots.

Despite the fact that not everyone understands the art of abstraction, nevertheless, Oliver’s work produces a vivid and strong impression even on those who are indifferent to this style. Looking at these works, you understand that abstraction is unpredictable and multifaceted. She constantly appears in various guises, some of which are radically different from each other. In addition, people with a rich imagination and developed imagination are able to see not only the author’s intention, having deciphered all his emotions and symbols, but also to consider something more …

When yesterday, turns into tomorrow. Author: Oliver Vernon.
The Lost Earth. Author: Oliver Vernon.
Peripheral gates. Author: Oliver Vernon.
The bustle of city streets. Author: Oliver Vernon.

Roots. Author: Oliver Vernon.

Journey. Author: Oliver Vernon.
Spiral. Author: Oliver Vernon.
Complete filling. Author: Oliver Vernon.
Flood. Author: Oliver Vernon.