Munch Museum shows the artist’s landscape exhibition

Edvard Munch. Scream. 1910

The project Over there. Edvard Munch and Nature was the last before the museum moved to a new building.

Edvard Munch painted nature all his life. In his paintings, the landscape (even if it is present only in the form of a hint, through a window or an open door) is always more than the background. It embodies human sentiments and anxieties. Munch’s landscapes become the quintessence of longing, anxiety, lust for life, or triumph.

Munch Museum shows the artist's landscape exhibition
Edvard Munch. The sun. 1912

This exhibition is the last before the museum opens in a new building. It features world-renowned paintings such as The Scream and The Sun, as well as paintings that have probably never been exhibited before. The exhibition is divided into two parts, demonstrating the full range of emotions with which Munch saturated his landscapes: from darker and more symbolic paintings to light and energetic motives. There are enchanted forests, light summer nights, and quiet winter evenings, as well as sun-drenched summer pictures with naked bathers.

The exposition will take place at the Munch Museum (Oslo, Norway) and will last until October 31st.

Munch can be understood only in Oslo

Munch Museum shows the artist's landscape exhibition
Edvard Munch, The Girls on the Bridge 1902

A journey to the place where the artist lived is not just a trip, but an opportunity to make sure that the images, colors, compositions, plots – everything is not invented, but copied from nature. In Oslo, one can understand not only the origins of his poetics but also the environment, the cultural soil that gave the world one of the first modernist innovators.

It is worth hurrying to the Munch Museum this year. And not only because it contains many times more works of the artist than anywhere else. The museum, which opened in 1963 in a small and modest modernist building, is preparing to move to a new 13-story, ultra-modern tower.

But, for those who cannot come, the Munch Museum has also organized an online broadcast of The Scream in the exposition. The viewers will have the opportunity to ask a question in the chat and receive a specialist’s answer.


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