The Skarstedt Gallery in the USA hosts an exhibition of works by Jean-Michel Basquiat and Georg Baselitz. The curators of the exhibition decided to compare the works of American and German artists created in the 1980s. These works have influenced a whole generation of contemporary authors.

Both artists came across at the very beginning of this decade when they took part in the Documenta 7 exhibition in 1982. Basquiat was the youngest artist there, while Baselitz had already achieved considerable fame in the art world.

Later on, the artists’ paths did not intersect, but the 80s were a very fruitful period for both. What unites Basquiat and Baselitz is the fact that during this period, the works of both artists have achieved international approval. Everyone managed to create their own unique artistic language, which does not lose its relevance even for the modern generation of artists.


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