Damir  Medvešek, an academic artist from Zagreb, known on the real art scene in Croatia. He is actively engaged art in the Croatian National Theater, as well in workshops and regular coverage in his homeland, but more often at the international level, where he earned most of his laudatory words.

The newest independent exhibition Damir Medvešek opens in the gallery of ETK company called Ericson Tesla in Zagreb. The exhibition opens from mid-June to early April. At this event, the artist presents a series of non-figurative abstract images in average format under the intriguing title ‘ The Golden Opus.’

The golden color really dominates all the images in this exhibition with the soft presence of small but very symbolic and visible colored surfaces that almost come out of the gold surface or, perhaps, even hold onto it, with the mysterious presence of a dark rose.

This golden color covers the entire surface of the image (14-carat gold pigment) without cause, giving it an unusual ceremonial tone that creates something like a “mirage” of a golden curtain.

What makes an artist create such an abstraction in the corner of his atelier, solve the mystery of art?

Probably curiosity, this time mixed with the art profession, to fill the void and plunge into other types or realities to find and meet this particular illustration that will make every honest artist happy, an image that makes your life committed to art.

Medvešek made his new golden cycle in the sun, like many civilizations in the history of mankind, admiring and holding inner fire to enhance his artistic style.

It was a very interesting exhibition of academic artist Damir Medvešek, who created a lot of questions and dilemmas with his new cycle in the gallery ETK.

At the same time, it was a great opportunity to meet with other famous sides of the artist.