Sculpture and specialized production for excessive fashion meet within the structure of the Galleria Giordani for the duration of Milan’s Fuori Salone. Graziano Giordani, enlightened entrepreneur, has succeeded in combining passion and foresight within the introduction of Graziano Ricami, pushing it to the boundaries of excellence in excessive style, thanks to his mastery of the art of embroidery, which the entrepreneur has converted into competitive cost with the extraordinary workmanship used for luxurious clothes.

Similarly to the entrepreneur, the Gravity undertaking includes the fashion designer Riccardo Diotallevi and the sculptor Giuliano Giuliani, together with a crew of fairly certified professionals, all exclusively from Italy’s Marche vicinity. the humanities come collectively in this mission to make a mark, to provide a vacation spot to things, to the territories and to the individuals who inhabit them, in particular to Ascoli, the location suffering from the earthquake.

The tenacity of the people of the Marche vicinity is supported by using their inventiveness and willingness to conceive a higher future, imagining a brand new way of doing things, uniting creative forces. these premises form the idea for Gravity, a device that lends environments a degree of ‘wearability’ by means of way of a spatial structure in wood that can be ‘dressed’ in embroidered fabric. The adjustable show of timber tubes, connected by a easy metal node, makes up a structural framework for squared panels and rounded forms in embroidered material.

This is the starting point for creating vertical, horizontal, or slanted surfaces and giving environments a experience of space and comfort. Gravity is the most appropriate term to describe the topic: it defines each the force of gravity and the nation of solemnity and austerity that the earthquake has imposed. The embroidered weft of the fabrics graphically lines the seismographic report of in which the oscillations of the Apennines are evidence of telluric moves.

The image gildings have been made with colored embroidery more suitable with sequins skillfully labored within the composition of an picture of tremendous flavor for fine environments. The terrible event that befell inside the territory of the Marche was interpreted as a generator of a new energy that jolts the souls of the humans closer to a high quality ability for developing price. Gravity is not simply an test however additionally a radical studies operation that flows into a gadget of indoors furniture, which goals to communicate how creativity and ingenuity are able to activate social dynamics to overcome adversity.

At the center of the set up is an exhibition of sculptures with the aid of Giuliano Giuliani, an artist from Ascoli who lives viscerally in touch together with his cloth, travertine. His works bear witness to the precariousness of our time via using local stone, wherein cavities, crevices and cuts inflicted on the paperwork relieve the fabric of its intrinsic gravity via his mild, incisive art. art and creativity are fundamental elements in conditions of “gravity” as they provide a real possibility for overcoming adversity.

A concrete example of this pleasant exercise is how Graziano Ricami answered while confronted with the immediately emergency of the earthquake; they installation meetings and discussions between the public and private sectors with the intention of returning to an ecosystem of positivity. to give guide and help in the improvement of this ambitious challenge, are his two children, Adriano e Antonio who, in paintings as in existence, follow in their father’s footsteps, and collectively with him, carry this ambitious task ahead.