5 Most Beautiful Universities of the World


A beautiful university will give you the most memorable college experience. It offers a relaxing environment to study and a picturesque environment to build an album for your college years. It will also come with prestige as high school students desire to be associated with the campus.

The beauty of a university will depend on its infrastructure, landscaping, and setting. The availability of space to set up beautiful infrastructure determines the attractiveness of a campus. The concept of beauty also splits people between modern and classic setups. Another fault line is between day and night.

Here are the most beautiful universities in the world.

  1. University of Cambridge, Cambridge England

Cambridge is one of the most revered universities in the world. It has a history of producing some of the most transformative innovations in the world. It is also home to some of the most decorated scholars in the world over the years. Get professionals to custom dissertation services from whichever university or college you are studying.

The university has a rich history, having been founded in 1209. It got its charter in 1231, granted by King Henry III. It is the second oldest university in the English-speaking world. It is also the third oldest university in the world still surviving today. And how has it acquired its tag of beauty?

The University of Cambridge has 29 undergraduate colleges. Each of the colleges has a unique architectural design. Such diversity presents numerous opportunities to rate the beauty of the university. When night falls, each of these colleges is illuminated differently. It presents more dimensions of beauty.

The University of Cambridge is located on a 710-acres piece of land. The expansive space allows the college to combine architectural designs with natural landscapes. From manicured lawns to backgrounds capturing different architectural eras, you will be in awe walking around the University of Cambridge.

  1. University of Healdsburg, Germany

The public research university is the oldest in Germany. It was established in 1386. It has maintained its shining armor in academics and physical beauty. The university has produced 56 Nobel Laureates in its years of existence. It is also one of the oldest surviving universities in the world. Pope Urban VI, the man behind its establishment would be proud to see its position in the world.

 Major infrastructure around the university has maintained its architectural designs. For instance, the Old Campus still stands next to the library. The sunset-colored library will capture your attention when touring this breathtaking campus.

The Old Campus has been turned into a museum. You can see the ‘student’s jail’ and the main hall, two structures that are no longer in use. When lit in the night, you will be transfixed by the beauty of its architectural masterpieces. It has one of the best blends between structures and the natural environment.

  1. Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut

Yale can best be described as a Gothic city. It is located in New Haven, Connecticut, giving the city a unique taste. It is also one of the Ivy League universities that have continued to play a crucial role in education.

Yale has maintained its beauty, thanks to the architectural hands of Louis Khan, Aero Saarinen, and Frank Gehry. These architects delivered some of the most magnificent Gothic Revival structures.

Founded in 1701 as Collegiate School, its motto of Light and Truth appears to illuminate its beauty to the entire world. The buildings are interconnected but still leave a lot of room for natural grass. When the lights come on at night, you are likely to be hypnotized by the beauty of one of the most revered universities in the world.

  1. Lomonosov Moscow State University

Lomonosov Moscow State University will capture your attention from the main gate. It features a driveway that leads to a magnificent white main building that is 787 feet at its peak. Because of this peak, it holds the record for the tallest university building in the world.

The university is built like a palace. It is white in the morning but will change color depending on the shade skies. It has a central yard that appears to take you in all directions. The university sits in an enclosed space but blends concrete and grass perfectly to create the most beautiful campus.

  1. Florida Gulf Coast University

Are you looking for a university by the beach? Then Florida Gulf Coast University is the place to be. The university was started in 1991, giving it all the opportunities to beat others on beauty. It is set next to a beach in Florida. It offers a cool breeze on land and relaxing study areas on the water. You might not know the boundary between studying and relaxing.

The beauty of world universities will depend on the parameters used. However, classic tenets point at universities that are thoughtfully designed to remain functional and welcoming throughout the year. From the architectural philosophy, it is evident that beautiful places make learning more effective.


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