6 Advantages of Using Movies for Educational Purposes


Most people only view films as entertainment, but this should not be the case since movies play a significant role in the education system. Unfortunately, many parents who have school-going kids believe that movies are addictive and disruptive in their children’s academic lives. However, teachers use popular educative films because they believe they will improve students’ education and bolster their understanding of a particular subject.

Besides boosting students’ academic abilities, movies also play a significant role in improving teachers’ training skills and their way of handling different situations since most educational films feature common challenges that are faced in schools, such as:

  • Rebellious youths
  • Underprivileged kids
  • Kids struggling with substance addictions
  • Kids suffering from terminal illnesses or certain disorders

Unfortunately, using traditional learning methods alone might fail to motivate most children. However, most kids love to be entertained, and it might be hard to think of a better way of including entertainment in education than through inspirational movies and plays. Let’s have a look at some of the incredible benefits of incorporating films in education.

Boosting Memory

The best and most effective method of enhancing memory is repetition. It involves going through a particular subject more than once, which might be a boring task. Fortunately, when topics are put in films, students can go through them many times without getting bored. This is mainly not the case when it comes to reading a book several times.

Moreover, moving pictures are easier to remember; hence, during exams, scholars will vividly recall the answers to questions asked in the educational films, which can help them score better in their papers.

Movie Education Improves Understanding

In this era, teachers and parents have realized that using one teaching method can fail to boost understanding of a particular lesson. Therefore, they blend movies with other techniques to create diverse teaching methods. Watching a film on a certain topic makes it easy to understand, as all senses are engaged during this time.

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This means combining the verbal and visual presentation of information to help students acquire new concepts on a particular topic. It regularly happens when they read or learn certain subjects in the classroom and then watch a subject-related film. This allows scholars to process knowledge in different ways hence boosting their learning abilities and retaining any new information for a long time. Dual coding is one of the best methods for enhancing academic performance.

Movies Education Is Inspiring

Without inspiration, there would be no motivation in life. When people feel inspired, they struggle to better their lives and get the required energy to fight and overcome a tough situation. Most movies inspire people to reach particular levels in their lives. When students watch these movies, they see how people change and become heroes/heroines in different life scenarios.

Scholars can also learn the various these heroes and heroines did to get there. They learn that an ordinary person can achieve something great and be recognized globally. It helps them see life from a different point of view and hope that they, too, can achieve anything, even what might seem impossible to accomplish.

Raising Awareness

Some films are specifically made to create awareness on matters affecting society. They address issues such as:

  • Social beliefs
  • Cultural values
  • Economic issues

Movies help people know and appreciate the stated issues. Therefore, students can see the significance of these values and learn to appreciate the different lifestyles people live and whatever they went through to get to where they are now.

Enjoyable Learning

Students need to find a subject enjoyable to perform well in it. Therefore, using movies in the classroom is entertaining, especially given its ability to welcome change. This, in turn, is a great way of ensuring students remain motivated and interested in a particular topic. Teachers and parents who use films for tutoring purposes also find it enjoyable and interesting.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, parents and teachers should exercise caution when using film education since some movies may not offer the desired educational advantage to children. Besides, parents should monitor whatever their children are watching by first reviewing it. This will always allow them to control what students watch to ensure they only watch educational films. In conclusion, it’s worth noting that studies reveal that entertainment can motivate students to enjoy and remain in school to complete their studies.  Fortunately, movies play a significant role in offering the desired entertainment when learning.



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