6 Stones And Crystals That Are Safe For Your Health


As beautiful as most of them are, some stones and crystals can be dangerous for your health. It can mean that you are allergic to them or that they are just unsafe in general for all people. That is why, before buying jewelry or stones for any reason, look into whether they are safe or not for you, but luckily there are some out there that are pretty safe for you. Follow this article to see which stones and crystals are safe for your health.

What stones and crystals are safe for your health?

Some stones and crystals even have healing powers, but your priority right now is to find the ones that are just safe. Also, you should be aware of the fact that everyone responds to them differently. For these things, you should consult experts about the energy the crystals give and whether they represent a potential danger for you. You should always be careful and consider this factor before buying. Here are 6 stones and crystals that are safe for your health.

1. Moldavite

Moldavite is a stone created by a meteor impact so you can be sure that it does indeed have a lot of energy in it, and you only need to be in the same room with the stone to feel it activate. Even though the biggest danger of it is its power, it is completely safe to hold and wear moldavite jewelry and you should never worry about it. You can be sure of the safety of Moldavite and if you like greenish colors it is the perfect stone for you. Apart from that, its powers are the following:

  • it opens your eyes and mind
  • generates a sense of warmth
  • activates your suppressed emotions
  • triggers your feelings of exhilaration
  • removes your energy blockages


2. Clear quartz

This crystal is considered a master healer because of what it does to your energy. Apparently, it absorbs, stores, releases, and in the end, regulates it. It is a very helpful tool if you are having trouble with your memory or concentration. It is a great way to boost your focus by just having this little item inside your room. If all of this was not enough, clear quartz also has the ability to boost your immune system and create a perfect balance inside your whole body. To get the most out of it though, you should mix it with rose quartz.

3. Rose quartz

Just like it was said, this crystal works best when it is paired up with clear quartz, whose benefits you just read above. However, this one also has a special ability, because it is all about love, hence its pink color. The energy rose quartz releases helps partners to restore harmony and trust into the relationship while creating an even stronger connection that was not present before. In times of grief, it can provide you with comfort and also calm you down. However, it is not only about pairs and partners, but rather it can also help you respect and love yourself which is a very useful feature.

4. Obsidian

A very good protector, obsidian is used when you need to shelter yourself from both emotional and physical negativity by creating a shield around you that will keep you safe. But, this is not all it can do. The energy inside of this crystal will get rid of any emotional blockage you might have and help the qualities of clarity, compassion, and strength come out on top giving you a true sense of self-worth. Apart from it being a very safe stone, it also helps your body’s digestive system, as well as helping you detoxify while also ridding you of cramps and pain.

5. Citrine

A beautiful yellow stone, from which it got its name, is a perfect one to boost your enthusiasm and joy in any part of your life. With it, you will get rid of some negative traits that you might possess, like for example, fear. I return to ridding you of this, it will boost your motivation, clarity, optimistic thoughts, and warmth. It is a safe stone that enhances your creativity and concentration.

6. Sapphire

This blue stone has been considered a symbol of wisdom and royalty for centuries. Apart from having the ability to be a safe and beautiful accessory to your jewelry box, sapphire also attracts happiness, peace, and prosperity and will help you to accept intuition and beauty. When it comes to helping, its energy helps with cellular levels, blood disorders, and eye issues while also helping people who suffer from insomnia, anxiety, and depression.

There, now you know these six stones of different colors that are not only safe for you but also have healing powers for both your body and spirit. Always have in mind that your reaction might be different from others, and therefore be careful. Consult experts before buying and look into how you might react if exposed to a certain stone. Go now, and buy the best you can find!


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