A new work by Banksy in Nottingham’s


The work of an elusive underground artist appeared on the wall of a house near a beauty salon on Ilkeston Road. The graffiti depicts a girl who spins a hoop next to a real bike without a back wheel.

Banksy confirmed the authenticity of the work in his Instagram account. The fact that the work belongs to Banksy became known after 4 days when he published this image in his profile. The artist commented: “Well that Beauty Salon just went up a few million in worth”.



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Shortly after a protective screen was installed around the graffiti, the work was destroyed.

A new work by Banksy in Nottingham's

Nottingham still has the highest coronavirus infection rate in the country, so some suggest that the artist may have chosen a city for his new work for this reason. Others suggest that the broken bike may have been a tribute to the famous city factory.

The owner of the store nearby said that he saw how the works of art were created when a van with darkened windows arrived at the site on Tuesday at 5 pm. According to eyewitnesses, the driver pretended that the car broke down and stayed on the spot for about two hours, writes the BBC.

A new work by Banksy in Nottingham's

The owner of the salon, which had graffiti on the wall, said she had never heard of Banksy. She was only surprised when people started photographing the side of the building.

After the artist acknowledged the authorship, the wall began to gather wishing to take pictures of Banksy’s work.

The street artist, known only by his pseudonym Banksy, began painting trains and walls in his native Bristol in the 1990s. He became known worldwide for his habit of making fun of large corporations and works with political overtones.


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